Go ye therefore, and teach all nations...

Missions of the Church

Kim Watt Baptist Church has the honor of connecting with people not only here in our community but also supporting missionaries to spread the word of Christ around the world.  

Lending a Blessed Hand

Ministry Outreach

When was the last time you lent a helping hand? Service is a big part of our religious doctrine. We shall never forget how the Good Shepherd sacrificed his life and paved the path so that we could be saved. At Kim Watt Baptist Church, we provide opportunities for our members to serve through various ministries. The power of our community is demonstrated by our desire to serve others. What gifts and abilities can you bring?

Medic Samaritan

Medic Samaritan is a Christ centered, grassroots non-profit organization empowering rural Haitian villages through sustainable community health programs. Our overall purpose is to serve and glorify God through healthcare engagement, and discipleship.


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Ken and Sherry Trivette moved to the reservation in May of 2012 after holding tent revivals, which were successful. They founded the Pine Ridge Baptist Church soon thereafter, and they just celebrated their Five year anniversary.  They are now in their new church building The church at Pine Ridge.  For more information on Ken and Sherry vistit Ken's Facebook page.